Latex Finger Stall, orange

100% Natural Rubber Latex. Lightly powdered, dotted rough surface for a better grip, sulphur free.

*List Number:    lfc-st-o



  • for Electric Industries
  • for Optotronics Industries
  • for Mechantronics Industries
  • for Sulphur Sensitive Component Handling (Silver, Copper, Brass, etc.)


  • Heavy duty and sharp material handling
  • Very low powder contamination
  • Non Silicone Oil – Non Chlorinated
  • No ring for good fitting
  • Sulphur Free


  • Durable
  • Unrolled Fit (no beading ring)
  • Sealed Packet
  • Orange color
  • Reusable
  • Protect from contaminations, Infections
  • Should only be worn for short periods
  • Helps protect from moisture and dirt
  • Helps protect from Sharp edged components handling